redbikini helps Defence SA to shift focus

redbikini recently completed a top-level corporate video for Defence SA to showcase the state’s commitment to building our high-tech capability to meet Australia’s defence requirements.

Now that the state has secured significant defence contracts, Defence SA’s focus has now moved to fulfillment. Attracting the very best people from around the world is a huge part of that.

With the video being shown at numerous defence expos we needed to create something that was visually different from the usual shots of hardware and explosions, and turn our attention to the men and women who will successfully deliver these huge contracts.

Using a visual motif of running to illustrate the forward movement of the industry and the determination of those who work in it, we filmed all over Adelaide and at the Edinburgh RAAF base. We also shot background plates of iconic buildings and used VFX to project supporting imagery onto those surfaces in post-production.