How do I make a corporate video?

How do I make a corporate video – With marketing, video production is now considered a ‘must have’ in most marketing mixes, the question “How do I make a corporate video?” is asked daily in businesses around the world. The written word has been taken over by video production in most areas of life, none more so than in marketing video production.

Before you start considering a corporate video production, you must first assess your intended audience and identify what it is that they want to know, as well as the ideal online video maker that has the tools you need for the job. What information is important to them? A corporate video that is inward looking and self-indulgent will have viewers turning off before you get to the 30 second mark.

Put yourself in the place of your audience and try to understand what information might be useful to them. Instead of talking about your history, maybe your corporate video could talk about innovations you have developed in service delivery and how this benefits your customer.

For the next stage of the process is selecting a production company. These go by a variety of names – video production company, movie production company, video marketing company, film production company and video content agency.

Film production companies

Film production companies, film companies and movie production companies generally work in the area of short and feature films. Most Video production companies and video production services are generally focussed in commercial work such as corporate video production. Video marketing companies often specialise in marketing related videos, and use the myriad of final cut pro x effects to achieve the best videos. Video content agencies offer full video production services but with the added creativity and writing skills normally associated with advertising agencies.

If you are looking for a well-considered strategy, great ideas and economical production costs, a video content agency might be the best fit for your marketing videos.

The next step in the process is scripting. A good script should build on your understanding of your audience and find a way to deliver your key messages in a way that engages them. This could be through humour, tugging on the heart strings or providing them with interesting information delivered in an exciting way.

It is important to remember that most marketing budgets now allow for video and some brands have a “video first” policy. This has flooded the market with video content – most of it of dubious quality. If you want to see a return on your investment, you had better insure your corporate video (or social video or sales video etc) are of a very high standard, not just technically but in terms of the story they are telling.

Consider the script as your blueprint to a successful video. Once you have got it right you can move into the video production phase.

Video production, what’s it about?

Video production is all about people, places and things. You need talent to go in front of the camera – actors, presenters, staff testimonials etc and talent behind the camera – director, film producer / video producer, videographer / cinematographer, sound recordist etc. It is important to understand who is in charge of bringing your vision to life. This person is the video creator and is responsible for making it all happen on script, on time and on budget. Most often this role will fall to the video producer or video director.

Once your footage / vision / rushes are ‘in the can’ so to speak, you will move onto post production. Primarily the realm of the video editor, post production is where your raw footage will be crafted into something special. Other creative departments all contribute to post production – sound mixers, colourists, 2D and 3D animators and special effects artists. The best film editing is often achieved when you are prepared to lose vision to the cutting room floor in favour of shortening your video and making it more watchable.

There are many more facets to making an effective corporate video but hopefully I have given you a good overview. When you next find yourself asking the question “How do I make a corporate video” start with thinking about what you want to achieve from the video and call in some experts to help deliver the return on investment you will undoubtedly want to see eventuate.