We had the wonderful opportunity to produce this video for the Rural City of Murray Bridge, who have a clear vision for the revitalisation of their riverfront precinct. Filming with local business and residents opened our eyes to what a thriving and welcoming community exists just an hour from Adelaide. We couldn’t have created this piece without the help and support of everyone involved. 
We were tasked with creating a video that could be campaign-able, and aimed at a varied audience. The idea: “Murray Bridge – Make It Yours” apples to individuals, investors and government alike and allowed us to dd a human element to a commercial undertaking. The video consists of filmed plates and 3D animated renders to showcase some of the town’s future developments, Helicopter and drone footage, lifestyle shots and beautiful portraits of local residents. The video began the campaign and was launched to the public along with the council’s prospectus. For more information visit https://makeityours.com.au