Increase conversions with video content

Over recent history streaming video, and online video have grown in leaps and bounds and there does not seem to be an end in sight. Users not only prefer to consume video content over other types of media they are also viewing this content at an ever increasing rate.

Can you business afford to miss out on this goldmine of engaged users?

  1. Cisco, the company responsible for a huge portion of the worlds internet infrastructure has released a while paper predicting more growth in the worlds appetite for video content toward 2022. In fact Cisco has estimated that video will account for 82% of the worlds internet traffic.
  2. The growth of YouTube. Over the past decade the explosion in popularity of YouTube is undeniable. YouTube is now the second most visited site on the internet (the first being google). Users watch a staggering 1 Billion hours of video each day (brandwatch).
  3. Mobile Video Consumption. Users are watch 100% more video content on their mobiles each year (hubspot). This is a huge opportunity for your business. Users viewing your video content on a mobile have a convenient way of contacting you in the palm of their hand. Capturing users in this growing segment will result in better conversions and a stronger brand image / or message being retained by your customers.

In summary it is not a question of if your business can afford to produce video content, it is a question of can it afford not to. With the year on year increase of online video consumption not acting will result in lost opportunity and lost revenue.