Well Cadgile has a fairly broad range of capabilities in the defence industry.

So, we’re across most drafts are disciplines, so that’s mechanical, structural, electrical, as well as piping. And we also do it across a range of cad packages, so auto-cad, inventor, solar works, as well as MicroStation. So that gives Cadgile a broad range across multiple platforms.

Most recently, we’ve done a really large project for ASC, on their diesel engine improvement program. That was about 5,000 hours. I’m pleased to say is on time and on budget and I know that they were really happy with it.

It’s more than just the drafting in defence, it’s also the configuration control that goes with that. What we’ve developed is some good in-house processing systems that allowed us to get a really good handle on configuration control for the client and that’s really important in the defence industry.

So, we do a lot of networking events for the DTC for example, where we go and meet with potential clients and talk to them

Cadgile’s   strategy really going forward is to leverage off the ASC project. It was such a great project for us, large but also successful; and then go and see the other primes and also the other tier 2 clients and use that to show that that’s what our capability is and that’s what we can provide them.

Manufacturing process has concentrated on three key services in defence. One is operational strategy to help defence companies position to win bids or to improve their performance in sustaining their cost structures. We link that with general process improvement activities, and we can train at senior management level down to shop floor level. We’ve got different tools there to help the workforce, not only learn new methods but how to apply them in their environment in defence.

We’ve been very fortunate that the defence community is a very close knit community and they are very loyal. We’ve been fortunate to have repeat business and we’ve also had great referrals from the basis of the results we’ve been able to deliver.

We see the defence sector as a critical element of the South Australian economy but also the national economy. It’s very high skilled sector. Our company actually works very well with high tech, high skilled industries.

Our services produce cost and therefore we’ve been able to add some real value at this time where cost is a real driver in defence.

J&H Williams is a third generation sheet metal production company, specializing in high mix small batch production with high quality requirements and additional services.

The defence industry in Australia is of a rather significant nature. J&H Williams has chosen to be in this industry because we believe that the forces deserve the best equipment they can get, and we want to be part of that.

To be able to do this and to go through the quiet times, J&H Williams is actively diversifying into other sectors so that we can be there when we are needed.

J&H Williams started in defence in 2005 with the refurbishment of the M113 armoured personnel carriers. Our biggest success to date in the defence industry is to come full cycle.

Our company is 65 years old and it originally started with heavy plumbing for ships returning from the war.

J&H Williams is again supplying components to the maritime industry. We are continuously growing that side of the business and are constantly bidding for new work in that area.