APC is a solution based company. We’re going to work with you, we’re going to take your needs. we’re going to help them evolve all the way through to the finish product, in a timely manner and a cost effective manner.

We’ve been going for just over 30 years now. Initially we started in automation and control systems As we moved into this field we found that we needed hardware that would survive the environment that we’re operating in, so that’s when we got into the rugged computer equipment and that became a mainstay of our business and is still today.

We never engage with a customer right at the beginning, so we don’t want to sell your products we want to understand what you want to do help you get there and hopefully along the way offer some other, I guess, different approaches than what you wanted, that probably more suit your needs.

APC technology is a tremendous example the defence industry SME. They represent what characterizes our industry, they employ complex engineering, they apply advanced manufacturing techniques across the board. Be it the user, the customer or the primes, they have a tremendous reputation.

We’ve got some overseas contracts where we support equipment it’s probably 10 years past its end of life date. We reverse engineered what was there, applied current technology into it and basically given that technology a refresh. We’re diversified across a number of different industries; mining, rail, oil and gas, whether it’s a plane, whether it’s a vehicle, whether the mining truck.

We’ve often solved similar problems in many ways. We adopted 3D printing, probably before it was topical.  We can give you a very quick concept of what we are proposing. You can touch it; you can feel it. Often our customers, they will then use that while the real product’s being finished.

I think if you look at particularly our state, the vast majority of companies, they are really the innovators for the industry. I think major change is to move from this high volume low value ad. We can’t complete because of the cost of labour, of wages, the high Australian dollar. So, we’ve got to move to smaller volume, higher value produced products and that’s exactly what APC are doing.

Industrial customers benefit from the rigors of a defence work and at the same time defence, which can be quite rigid gets to benefit on the uniqueness from other areas like mining, rail, oil and gas.

We’re very proud of APC technology, very proud and have them in our membership and we offer them as an example to other SMEs that this is how you do business in Australia. They’re taking ruggedized computer interfaces, they’re nuancing for the customers’ needs, they’re adding value with small volume great relationships with customers and I think that’s going to be the nature of advanced manufacturing in the country in the future.