Video Production For Government

Working with government departments requires a sound understanding of procurement policies, budgets and risk management because unlike private enterprise, the public sector is accountable to the taxpayer.

Redbikini, which is based in Adelaide, has successfully collaborated with a number of government departments on video production projects, including TV commercials, over the past decade, dealing with multiple stakeholders, working to tight deadlines, and delivering on budget, often with a fast turnaround.

We understand the importance of staying on message, maintaining a responsible tone and delivering the desired outcomes, because anything otherwise is a reflection on the government. Some of what we do includes redefining the video content strategy so that both parties completely understand what the desired outcomes are and looking at pathways to achieve them.

Another important aspect of government partnerships is the ability to work with procurement procedures, which often means providing quotes in a hurry, accurate pricing, itemised quotations, and quotations which can remain valid for up to six months, if required. We understand the importance of remaining within the pricing boundaries of a quote as it can be tricky to change the scope of a project midway through.

We also take care of the boring groundwork such as ensuring occupational health and safety practises are in place and employed, that no one is undertaking any risky behaviour and that the relevant permissions have been sought for the people on camera, locations and other visual elements that might appear in a project.

And once your video is on its way, through to completion, we understand there are multiple stakeholders at play so are able to provide efficient systems and platforms that enable quick and easy sharing of progress stages and provide quick feedback in order to keep the project moving.

The videos redbikini has produced have given us the opportunity to flex our creative muscles and deliver unique and interesting content that engages audiences. We’re fun and enjoy the process of video production for government and collaborating on projects.