Investment Attraction South Australia

We looked at all the options we had in Australia and found that Adelaide was by far the best option for us. If you’re in the technology space and you’re looking to work with an environment that’s embracing of new technologies and new companies, don’t go anywhere else.

  • Reasons to invest in South Australia

» We actually have a long history of innovation and a progressive society.

» We’ve got research capabilities that can provide new knowledge into innovative ventures.

» Things like cyber security big data analytics and the Internet of Things. I think Adelaide’s the most advanced in terms of really wanting to do this kind of work.

» The alignment of practice of culture around innovation and the growth through innovation initiative really aligns really well with the values if you look back on enterprise.

    » The environment here is such that it’s okay to have a gamble, it’s okay to take a risk. Yo u can try a new product, you can try a new service and get a good result that can be reflective of a broader global marketplace.

    » Having a government that incentivise innovation is a very, very positive outcome.

    » In terms of the facilitation that investment attraction South Australian offers, they have really good access, really good networks they make a big attempt to understand what companies want, and they make a really big effort to proactively help you in those.

    » The access that we are given the ministers, right down to the staff offices, they’ve sought to understand our business needs.

    » We’ve been able to understand quickly the mechanics of getting approvals from planning authorities.

    » The response, the speed, the understanding has been first-rate. I’ve been very pleased.

    We’ve had a phenomenal experience with the South Australian Government. The introductions that we’ve already gotten have led us to our first deals already being signed. The fact that we can be introduced to real business is an enormous outcome for us.

    » South Australia’s Labor cost is competitive. One of the attractions for investing further in the business is the access to highly skilled, highly experienced people.

    » The availability of really good quality, skilled resource, and their work ethic.

    » There’s a few world leading universities and they produce world-leading students and graduates and that also gives us an opportunity to tap into some of that talent pool.

    » We’re a high integrity, high mission-critical engineering company and the engineering students coming out local universities have been fantastic.

    » We found that it was a really good opportunity for us to have a central location. There’s also very cost effective too.

    » Cost of property, availability and cost of skilled resources are also advantages over the eastern states.

    » A distance isn’t a problem anymore, so why not be in South Australia which has a great environment great place to live as well as do business.

    You’ve got all the benefits of a city, but you still get that local community feel. You know, the climate’s fantastic; beaches on one side, vineyards on the other side. We’ve got good infrastructure networks, and none of the big city problems like congestion.

    In many surveys that you look at around the world, Adelaide always comes up as a really, really nice place to live, so it is easy to attract people to work here. They like working here because the quality of life is good here.

    I really want to see South Australia become the place where exciting, high-value jobs are created, and I think that can happen.

    » We really are out to attract companies and roll out the red carpet.

    » South Australia is an easy place to do business. We’ve been able to conform that through our experience with the wind farm project. I wouldn’t hesitate a second to locate our activity in South Australia again if I had to choose.

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