Motion Graphics & Animation

Motion graphics and animation are an attention grabbing and highly effective communication tool. They can also add depth to a story and bring dull vision to life in an entertaining way. No one understands this better than our creative team here at redbikini.

When it comes to animation the two main options are 2D or 3D. 2D animation works within the flat framework of two-dimensional space. 3D animation, on the other hand, brings in a third dimension and allows visuals to take on shape. During the editing process, we start both forms with a design phase to give clients an opportunity to see what the finished product will look like before it is animated. With 3D animation a wire-frame version is also completed to showcase how all the elements will move.

Motion graphics, meanwhile, are highly effective in instances where hearing audio is compromised, such as at busy shopping centres and trade shows. They can contain central messages and are a great tool because people can still understand the video’s essence even when they can’t hear what’s being said. Often 2D animation is incorporated with live action footage.

Here at redbikini we live and breathe all things video. Established in South Australia and offering more than 20 years’ on-set experience, we work nation-wide and have a global reach. Our experience and expertise in 2D and 3D animation extends from infographics to detailed 3D architectural renders. Our in-house animators are creative and meticulous, and with a background in graphic design, always bring another dimension to our projects. We have created 2D character animations, 2D and 3D kinetic typography videos, motion graphics, whiteboard animations, 3D logo animations and 3D photo-real builds of architectural renders.  The world of animated video is growing and here at redbikini, we love the challenge of an animated video where our creativity is unlimited.