Water Wisdom is a five-part series created by redbikini and broadcast on the ABC, examining how South Australia’s Indigenous communities manage their water resources.

Commissioned by SA Water, redbikini was asked to showcase the various ways aboriginal groups source and manage their fresh water resources across the state in a series of videos designed with the intention of being published through SA Water’s digital channels.

Our recommendation was that rather than create the videos in traditional ‘corporate video’ style, they would work best (and appeal to a broader audience) if they were done in a presenter-led format with a TV ‘science show’ approach – an idea SA Water was very happy to run with.

We engaged well-known and proud Kaurna man Jack Buckskin as host and travelled to various locations across the state, including the far west coast, Adelaide Plains, south east, northern Flinders Ranges and the Coorong and Lower Lakes.

On location we got to shoot the picturesque landscapes and interview local Aboriginal elders and community members to gain insight into their practices.

The more we delved into the subject matter, we quickly realised just how different the environment was in each region, and how each region’s groups varied in their approach to water and water management. This led to a fascinating and hugely successful showcase about the variety of techniques and technology used by Australia’s First Nation people.

Once completed the series was picked up for distribution online on ABC iview, and subsequently broadcast on the ABC Me television channel.