In this seven-part blog series we’ve detailed the steps required for successful video production and how it works to maximise your marketing opportunities. Having already delved into strategy, scripting, pre-production, production, editing and animation and finishing and delivery, we’ve arrived at the final step – distribution. Essentially, this part is about getting your video in front of the audience you uncovered back in the strategy stage and how to ensure you keep them in order to get a return on the investment put into creating your content.


There’s no denying the power of video content. In this day and age, video has become the favoured way to inform and entertain audiences, trumping the written word and still images. You only need to look at the proliferation of streaming and online platforms such as YouTube and TikTok, which are geared toward content and content delivery, to see the power of video. Everyday people like you and me are dominating the world wide web, with tens of millions, even hundreds of millions of followers and earning a comfortable living all because they found a niche in the market and successfully promote themselves.

Just how powerful is video? Well, all social media platforms have become video content platforms. In fact, three years ago Facebook – once the ruler of social media – announced that it was no longer a social media platform but a video platform.

And although the technological landscape is forever evolving, the one constant is video, and it plays a super important role with consumers and the business community. In some instances, the mere mention of video can increase email rates, meaning if the email subject line contains the word ‘video’ research has shown that people are more inclined to open it because of the promise of easily digested content.

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So how do you get your video in front of audiences? Well, for your video content to be truly effective and provide a return on investment, you need not only a good video strategy, but a sound distribution strategy too, so that you meet your marketing goals. You can have the best content in the world, but if you can’t get it out there into the world, what’s the point? It’s a waste of time, money and resources.


First things first, your distribution strategy begins with your viewers. Whether your intended audience is business to business (b2b), business to consumer (b2c) or business to government (b2g), you need to know where to find these viewers – your buyers – and understand what is the best content to put in front of them in each environment. This is something you would have covered in the strategy component of video production.

As an example, it could mean producing various durations of your video content, but even bigger than that, it is about having an understanding of the entire customer journey. This is far more involved and complex than simply finding people, putting a video in front of them and watching the money roll in. No. There are many steps involved, such as attracting your audience’s attention, engaging with them, getting them to take some form of action be it providing an email address when they visit a landing page, and finally continuing to nurture them so they become customers – loyal ones.

Each step of the content distribution process requires a different approach. At the beginning of the journey, your distribution may be far and wide and varied, but you then want to focus it down so you can control the information you obtain, such as email addresses and databases, and then re-market it in order to bring your costs down and make the audience more targeted. It is far more important to have purpose-built content for each stage of the customer’s journey, and it’s important to note that attraction content is different from engagement content and again different from nurturing content. Learn these differences.


In 2021 the power and abilities of digital platforms to deliver content to precise audiences is better than ever before. All of the available online tools such as social media, media buying and advertising platforms are incredibly useful to businesses and when combined with an effective distribution and creative strategy can deliver a huge return on investment. That being said, success comes with the proviso that every part of the process is done correctly because even the slightest error can lead to a diminished value.

So, what do you need to do? Take the horse by the reigns, take charge, be proactive and always think one step ahead. In a nutshell – do everything you should be doing. It may sound complex, but the key here is to just do it. If someone is taking the time to visit your website, you need to make sure you re-market to them so they become loyal to you. If you spend all your time creating great content and building your database but then don’t follow up and nurture that audience, then essentially, you’ll fall at the last hurdle and all those previous efforts would have been a waste of time. It’s about making sure every step is working properly and every single cog is turning, and this is where the experts such as the team at redbikini can help.

redbikini, which specialises in marketing strategy, concept development and scripting for video, established a new and exciting arm to their business in 2020 – specialist B2B marketing company, Loop.

Born and bred in South Australia, Loop, which purely targets SMEs offers clients a full range of services, including strategy, content, delivery, measurement and automation in one package. And the best bit is that the cost is almost certainly lower than if you decided to do it yourself.

Here at redbikini we live and breathe all things video production, offering more than 20 years’ on-set experience. We are experts and passionate about what we do. From quick social, to web or online videos, training videos, animated videos, corporate videos, promotional videos, sales videos, product launch videos, event videos, and TV commercials to long form television programs and documentaries. You name it, we do it.

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A one-stop-shop, redbikini’s full service offering as a video agency includes pre-production, logistics, location scouting, casting, scheduling and more, and we’re only a quick phone call, or email, away from providing our expert advice and guidance.

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