Post Production

The edit suite is where your project is created, honed and polished. redbikini specialises in editing for fast same day turn around, long form content, and everything in between. This includes web or online videos, training videos, animated videos, corporate videos, promotional videos, sales videos, product launch videos, event videos, and TV commercials. In our post production process, we offer colour grading and sound mixing services, and always deliver on time and on budget.

One of the most important stages of video creation, post-production is about bringing together all the pieces of the puzzle to create your visual masterpiece. It’s a creative stage, which requires serious technical knowledge. This is where we work our magic in the fine art of post-production.

Post production sees the team here at redbikini go over all the important steps of video creation, including re-defining strategy, editing raw footage using super-fast hardware and software, determining a video’s duration and required formats, colour grading, sound mixing, and adding visual effects, such as motion graphics and animation. Essentially, redbikini’s edit suite is where a project is crafted, honed and polished. We are experts in editing for fast, same-day turnaround, long-form content, and everything in between.

And once the project is complete and ready to be showcased to the world, redbikini can assist with that, too because we know the importance of understanding a customer’s journey. We understand how to attract and engage with an audience and continue to nurture them even after they become customers, and how to build a brand. In fact, in 2020, we established a new and exciting arm to redbikini – specialist B2B Ddigital marketing company, LOOP.

Established in South Australia, LOOP, which mainly works with SMEs offers clients a full range of services, including strategy, content, delivery, measurement and automation in one package. And the best bit is that the cost is almost certainly lower than if you decided to do it yourself.

With these two arms to our business, post production is just the beginning of a long and beautiful relationship.