August 28, 2019 redbikini1 Minutes

Bentleys is an international network of advisory and accounting firms that work with aspirational businesses and entrepreneurs to help them achieve their goals.

They offer expertise in a range of areas, including financial planning, superannuation, tax, SMEs and employ 700 staff led by more than 70 partners from 17 locations across Australia, New Zealand and China, with headquarters in Adelaide.

redbikini teamed up with Bentleys to make a video that showcased its successes across multiple industry sectors on a local, national and global scale. Featuring Bentleys staff as well as professional actors, and 2D animation, the 40-second campaign video was filmed over a day and a half.

The objective was to demonstrate that the staff are friendly and helpful and we made sure there was camera movement with every shot to give the feeling of moving forward. Match cuts were also used to make it all feel seamless and easy. The tagline ‘Get you to where you want to be’ was the inspiration behind the video’s approach, which aims to evoke the notion that Bentleys can increase business growth and get their clients to where they want to be.

The end result both showcases the company’s successes and demonstrates the comprehensive support it provides its clients to reach their business objectives.

Check it out here: