Video Production For Defence

Make your ROI standout by utilising the power of video to secure contracts.

Collaborations with the defence industry requires a solid understanding of the industry itself, its protocols and security processes, as well as the ability to work to exacting standards and specifications and deal with sensitive information.

Adelaide-based video production company redbikini offers more than a decade of defence experience having worked on video projects with the Department of Defence, DefenceSA, DPC, Nova Systems, Saab, Broadspectrum and APC, as well as a number of other organisations. We’re also decade-long members of the Defence Teaming Centre and strong supporters of veteran causes.

We understand that defence sectors have a reputation to uphold and need to be confident that whoever they partner with isn’t a risk given the complex and highly-sensitive nature of the industry. redbikini has filmed in various secure environments and locations over the years and prides itself on its experience in dealing with intellectual property. We are also adept in liaising with defence clients and gaining filming permissions to film assets and other vision required for projects.

The team at redbikini spends practically every day of our working life talking to people in defence, creating video production strategies and providing expert advice on projects, so we’re well-equipped in knowing what content works, what doesn’t, and the importance of sticking to a strict budget. Our expertise also makes the video production process faster and more streamlined because it’s second nature to us.

Boasting one of Australia’s largest video libraries of defence hardware, redbikini has filmed the vast majority of the defence force’s land, sea and air platforms, and can offer clients ongoing support for all of their communications and engagement with our subsidiary marketing company, LOOP.

With a team of creative writers, directors and camera operators, we know that everyone has a story to tell and it’s our job to find it and bring the concept to life. We don’t accept mediocre either, we love having the opportunity to tell stories in different and highly-engaging ways.