South Australia : Defence State

Every day, tens of thousands of passionate South Australians prepare to serve our nation. Some of us in military, others, civilians, but we are all committed to the future of our Defence Force.

We build the ships and submarines of today and tomorrow and protect our borders day and night. We have world-class facilities that are connected and cyber secure.

And leading universities and defence research centres. We ignite a love of science and technology in our children, to grow the work force and take our places leaders.

Our work takes us overseas, over the horizon and into space. We work for global companies, agile small businesses and government. We are economic priority for our state, with the best advice. We work here because we were excited about the future of defence. we live here for the lifestyle and because it’s a great place to raise our kids.

We work together and offer an unparalleled experience and capability. With over fifty billion dollars in future investment, the opportunities are just beginning.

There has never been a better time to call South Australia home.

We are South Australia. The defence state.