Marketing Strategy, Concept Development & Scripting for Video Production 

Here at redbikini, we offer detailed strategy consultation to ensure the approach is correct before we even pick up a camera. Justin’s extensive background in marketing has enabled him to assist clients during the planning stages to make sure the videos will hit their mark. Video is one of the best marketing tools to grow a business, if done well. It can grow brand awareness, provide positive association, communicate information and increase sales. redbikini approaches all video like broadcasters, always with the audience in mind. We provide strategy to ensure your video content will be high quality at a high frequency to ensure it works for you, and reaches your customers.

Once the strategic direction is correct and the brilliant idea is set in stone, our award-winning team of writers, directors and producers can turn your concept into a reality. The team at redbikini are adept at developing concepts and can pen scripts from scratch or offer script support to collaborate with our clients.This is the blue print for the production and an important step in the video production process. The best video production companies in the world always make sure this step is right before moving forward.